bm-modding at the farmcon

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We are back from the Farmcon with lots of new impressions about the Farmcon and the new Farming Simulator 17. We saw many new “faces” we only knew from forums by their nicknames and some old friends. YouTuber, casual user or modder, we had some great talks and many new friendships. Sunday we were on the stage together with Agrarteam Franken and were interviewed by Martin Rabl from Giants and the audience, that was a really cool experience. Of course we do have a list of all the new features shown on the farmcon, you can find it further down in this article, we are very impressed by them.
All in all the Farmcon was a huge experience, which we really enjoyed. We are looking forward to the next one.

New features in FarmingSimulator 17

+ game difficulty better adjustable by many settings

+ female character, character customisation

+ plowing will be necessary but can be switched off

+ Stop & Go brake

+ automatic motor start (on/off)

+ lightbeam shows you selected markings on the map

+ more settings on the helper

helper “sees” static objects and goes around.

+ wheel pressure!

+ pigs, cows and sheep

+ soybeans, sunflowers, oil radish (catch crop)

+ much better ingame sound
radio streams

+ Goldcrest Valley

many trees
northern american setup

+ improved animal menu
mixed feed

+ tension belts for bales etc!

+ able to grab small things (wood, accessory, basket balls, etc.)

+ vehicle configurations
colour, engine, rim colour, wheels, wheel weights

+ vehicle rental!

+ farm objects
workshop and silos

+ new very nice fertilizing system

1x fertilizer, 1x cultivation, 1x fertilizer, 1x cultivation

max 3x. Each time 30% more yield

+ curry comb

+ fertilizer on grass if it is on a field

+ small inspector inlcuded

+ KI traffic in MP

+ sun flowers follow the sun

+ very nice sky, sun rise and dawn

+ you have to clean the stable/barn

+ Train driveable and loadable

seed, fertilizer, pig feed, mineral fertilizer

+ colour-blind modus

+ vehicle work hours +600h
then running cost increases and selling price decreases


Unimog 1200/1600 v3.2 released

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Following the Ultima the Unimogs get an update, too. In version 3.2 there are a few little changes, for example the hoses from the Ultima attach to the Unimogs and the wheels spin if the slope it to big or the trailer to heavy.




+ New feature added
* Feature changed
Old feature deleted
# Bug fixed

+ added missing DynamicHoses entries
* improved driving characteristics
* new storepics




Model/Animation: BlackJack
Textur: BlackJack
Ingame: Mofi
Script: Mofi, Wopster
Performance, Tuning: MadMax, Maxter, Wopster


Krone Ultima CF 155 XC v2 released

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You all waited for it to happen and here it is, the Ultima v2.0. Downloadable from the official ModHub via the link below. We wish you great joy with this modification.




+ New feature added
* Feature changed
Old feature deleted
# Bug fixed

Author: bm-modding

# game crash when resetting/selling Ultima
# vibrating collecting particle system
# wrong number when resetting bale counter
+ foil being wrapped attaches to foil on roles
# empty palettes vanish
* real calculating of diameter with pi
# doupble name “Krone” in shop deleted
# first bale after starting savegame not necessarily a wrapped one
+ animated crop roller
# fixed direction of particle system
# added straw particle system
+ activated dirt
# no errors when starting a (save-)game
# worksound bug when activating the Ultima
* worksound bit lower
* reworked the bales
+ disable UltimaHotfix when still in mods folder
+ key to switch of the HUD
# transfer animation on 1,40m bales smoother
# transfer animation in collecting mode
+ camera skript responsive
* reworked the HUD
+ acoustik signal when bale needs to be dropped off
# display remaining foil fixed
+ DynamicHoses added
# turn down of the PickUp
* new storepics
# flicker of decals fixed
* PickUp workarea widened
+ pressed bales count into game statistics
+ warning message “Incompatible with current version of the UltimaExtension”
* Credits completed
# sound bug during wrapping

Author: Wopster

BaleLoadFix.lua and MovingPartsPTO.lua deleted
* Ultima.lua (improved bale loading)
+ dynamicallyLoadedMovingPto.lua
# groundReferenceNodes added
* second component in component child (less traffic for MP)
wheel nodes pickup wheels
+ dynamic loading of PTO and wheels (performance)
+ changed folder structure
+ movingToolCouplings tool-Ids added
* modDesc -> version 24
# centerOfMass adjusted
* performance improved




Model/Animation: Jackaroo
Textur: BlackJack
Ingame: fendt2000
Script: Rafftnix
Performance Tuning: Wopster


DynamicHoses PDF-Tutorial veröffentlicht

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It took us a bit longer than expected but now you can download the PDF tutorial showing how to add DynamicHoses to vehicles, trailers and implements. You can find the files in our tutorial overview down below under download.

We wish you great success in your work.

  • Dynamic Hoses

    In this tutorial we want to show you, how you can add the dymanic hoses to yout own implements. Just klick on the navigation in the picture.

  • Video

  • Downloads

    Here you can find the files for ou dynamic hoses tutorial.

bm-modding under a new guise

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While celebrating the fifth anniversary of bm-modding we are very happy to present you the new logo and new design of the homepage. The old web appearance aged quite a bit in the past years. The old homepage did not have a responsive design and was not optimised for all devices. That is now history, from now on you can visit us on your mobile devices and get the latest information wherever you are.

Also for our steady growing international community we have great renewal. By clicking on the country flags you can switch between german and english language. The confusing news in two language, as we had them earlier, are now past. Right now not all of the posts are in english, but we are working full steam on the translations.

We hope you find the new design attractive and usefull and that you keep visiting our homepage like in the past.